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Fort Collins Forklift Parts - The city of Fort Collins, Colorado is situated along the Cache La Poudre River. The city is classed a Home Rule Municipality. Situated along the Colorado Front Range, Fort Collins serves as the county seat and largest city of Larimer County. The 2010 census listed the populations as approximately 143,900 making it the 4th most heavily populated city within the state of Colorado. Fort Collins City is located 92km or 57 miles north of Denver, Colorado's state capital.

Fort Collins is nestled along the Rocky Mountain foothills some 55 miles northeast of Boulder, Colorado. Colorado State University or also called CSU, is situated in the city of Fort Collins as well, hence it is a largely populated college town.

At first, the city started out as an army post like its name suggests. At first it was known as "Camp Collins," in honor of the commander of Ohio Cavalry troops who were headquartered at Fort Laramie under Lt. Col. William O. Collins. During 1864, a devastating flood practically destroyed the initial army post. The existing location of the city was picked to be the location of the new military operation. The new post was named Fort Collins. In the year 1867, the fort was decommissioned but a new township still emerged. During 1873, the new town of Fort Collins was incorporated officially.

With the opening of the Colorado Agricultural College, it sparked an new achievement milestone six years after that. This will eventually become Colorado State University. Initially founded as the only land grant institution in Colorado, CSU has become a major part of the city's culture and recreation as well as being the largest employer within the city of Fort Collins.

There is a balanced economy in the city of Fort Collins along with a very educated workforce. The manufacturing base includes businesses like Water Pik, Hewlett Packard, Woodward and Anheuser-Busch. The research resources and facilities at CSU have attracted various hi-tech companies to the region. There are offices for Intel, Avago, LSI, AMD, National Semi-Conductor and Pelco located within the city of Fort Collins. Furthermore, clean energy and agri-tech businesses are likewise part of the economy.

Amongst the many businesses within the city' manufacturing base, they produce goods like aircraft parts, scientific instruments, industrial chemicals, measuring and collecting instruments, solar technology, communications equipment, turbines, bio fuels and Smart Grid technology.

Within Fort Collins, the major non-agricultural sectors for employment comprise Healthcare, Transportation and Utilities, Government, Education, Business and Professional Services, Trade, Manufacturing, Leisure and Hospitality.

At the turn of the century, the biggest businesses within the city of Fort Collins were: Poudre Valley Health System, CSU, Hewlett Packard, Avago Technologies, Larimer County, Agilent, City of Fort Collins, Poudre School District, CO and east Kodak.

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