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Boulder Forklift Parts - The city of Boulder is the 11th biggest city in terms of population within Colorado State. Boulder is the most populous within Boulder County, where the city serves as the county seat. The city is located at the base of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and sits at an elevation of 1655 m or 5430 feet. The city of Boulder is located 40 km or 25 miles northwest of Denver, within the state of Colorado. The 2010 census listed the population of Boulder City at 97,385. The USA Census Bureau showed that for the Boulder Metropolitan Statistical Area, the population was 293,161.

The city of Boulder has the reputation as being amongst the most liberal cities within the state. It is well-known due to its Western history and has the status of being a destination of choice for hippies during the late 1960s. It is the home of the University of Colorado, the state's biggest university. The city normally acquires top rankings in quality of life, health, art, education and well being.

Until the latter parts of the 1850's, the Boulder Valley was mostly settled by Native American Groups such as the Southern Arapaho tribe. The first non-native inhabitants were in fact gold prospectors, who arrived around 1858, when the region of Boulder was part of the Nebraska Territory. The Territory of Colorado was created during 1861 by the U.S. Congress. In the year 1871, the city of Boulder, which was then known as Boulder City, became integrated as a city. The University of Colorado at the city of Boulder opened five years later during the year 1876 and Colorado achieved its statehood. Mining and tourism were two of the cities principal industries through the early part of the 20th century.

The city of Boulder hosts various attractions and activities for all ages, with numerous recreational, outdoor, indoor, cultural and festive things to participate in. There are over 31,000 acres of nature preserves and open spaces in the area. This provides an abundance of opportunities for hiking, rock climbing and biking. More than 120 miles of trails vary in size and difficulty, from the technically challenging to the simple. The Boulder Creek Path is a popular trail, 16 miles in length. It provides a fantastic place for in-line skating, biking and walking. The Eldorado Canyon is located 6 miles south of Boulder and is home to world class rock-climbing. Estes Park is situated one hour away and is the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Science and technology are the main industries within Boulder. The city is famous for its economic diversity and academic resources. There area has developed electronic, high-technology and aerospace industries with the support of the research done at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Numerous professionals and college graduates are attracted to Boulder's labor market because of the university and the many research and technology oriented companies.

The local economy is buffed up from various satellite and communication research centers and firms and by numerous defense contractors as well. The technology sector has flourished and thus increased the manufacturing center of the city. The economy is likewise powered by healthcare, education and the government.

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