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Grand Junction Forklift Parts - Grand Junction, Colorado is the largest city in the Western part of the state. This southwestern Colorado city is situated 247 miles from the capital, the city of Denver. Based on the census of the year 2010, Grand Junction's population was roughly 58,566, making it the most populous city on the Colorado Western Slope and the 15th most populous city in Colorado State.

Grand Junction serves as the county seat for Mesa County and has a council-manager government. Grand Junction serves as a crucial transportation and commercial center in the large area between the Continental Divide and the Green River. Based on the Census of the year 2010, the Grand Junction Metropolitan Statistical Area had a population of around 146,723.

Grand Junction is located along the Colorado River. From the south, it receives the Gunnison River too. The name "Grand" refers to the historical upper Colorado River, which was renamed in the year 1921. The word "Junction" comes from the joining of the Gunnison and Colorado rivers. The nickname "River City," has been given to Grand Junction for obvious reasons.

The Grand Valley, just a short distance from the city of Grand Junction is a key fruit growing region. The city of Grand Junction lies near this mid-point of Grand Valley which is a 48 kilometers or 30 mile arching valley that was originally home to the Ute people. During the 1880s, the area was settled by white farmers. Throughout recent decades, numerous wineries have become established within the region too.

There are various canyons and mesas which overlook the city on the west, along with the Colorado National Monument, and a lot of the region is surrounded by public lands that are managed by the Bureau of Land Management. A prominent series of cliffs which define the Grand Valley's northern part are called the Book Cliffs.

Located next to the city of Grand Junction is the Country Jam Ranch, that is just north at the Mack exit on I-70. This is a permanent festival location built for music festivals, including Country Jam, an event that has been held ever since the year 1992 and one which draws thousands of country music fans to the area.

The city of Grand Junction has become a major mountain biking destination. A lot of bikers visit from the Salt Lake City region and the Front Range of Colorado. Some travel from as far away as California to enjoy the region's abundant single-track trails. There are 2 key trails among others which are the Kokopelli and Tabegauche trails. They run up to Moab, Utah from near Loma.

On the 2nd of May, the year 1982, the economic bust, called "Black Sunday," to the locals, started with one phone call from the President of Exxon to Richard Douglas Lamm, the Governor of Colorado at that time. He stated that the Exxon Company would reduce its losses whilst retaining mining rights to the uneconomic oil. This bust was felt statewide as Exxon company had invested more than 5 billion USD into Colorado State.

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