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At Hyster, your safety is amongst our top concerns. This is why we offer a variety of optional safety equipment which can be added to your machine or work place. Following the standards of OSHA, Hyster manufactures work and head lamps along with both audible and visible warning devices.

The only warning device required on the forklift according to ASME B56.1 and OSHA regulations is the horn on the steering wheel. The horn is basic on all kinds of forklifts. Even though forklifts are not required to have both audible or visible warning devices, there are some situations where optional warning devices may be suitable. These factors are unique to every work site or work place and each and every situation must be considered individually.

For audible safety devices, which are most frequently motion alarms or back-up alarms, the main point to consider is the level of noise produced by the alarm. First of all, the audible device must be able to be distinguished from other noises within the work site and the noise must be extremely loud to be heard in the work site, even when other kinds of equipment may be running. The ability for employees to hear alarms and determine where the noise is coming from can be compromised if workers are wearing hearing protection devices. If the alarms are too disruptive or offensive to employees, nearby businesses, or nearby houses, alarms may need to be disabled. If sound must be disabled, this must be able to happen readily. Rules also have to be followed so as to ensure that the levels of noise do not exceed OSHA noise limitations.

For visible safety devices, most commonly strobe, rotating, or flashing lights, numerous factors should be considered and thought must be put into whether visible safety devices may be more suitable compared to audible devices. Workplace lighting, presence of reflective surfaces, and operator distraction are all top priorities to take into consideration to make certain that safety devices do not pose a danger to drivers or other workers and are effective. Colour of safety lights must be different from background surfaces and other lights which are in the work place. Placement of safety devices are of greatest importance. Lights should be able to clear any overhead obstacles. Light placement should not cause the lights to shine or reflect into the operator's eyes, but shielding of the lights should not excessively obstruct the light's visibility to pedestrians.

To meet numerous application requirements, Hyster has a variety of optional lights that include halogen lights and weather-resistant LED. These lights can hold up through vibration and shock as well. When it comes to head lamps and work lamps, OSHA has set standards to make working at night or in dark work areas safer. Directional lighting is required if the lighting on the lift truck makes less than 2 lumens per square foot. Hyster has lots of choices which will really help increase visibility in low-light situations.

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